Drawing eaves


Many details which required a lot of processing for the solid modeller can be implemented with this command, making an easy way creating surface models. This feature meets the requirements of embellishing buildings with eaves and windowsills.

Punto di selezione della generatrice e del profilo

Le generatrici, componenti essenziale per cornicioniIl profilo, elemento indispensabile per la definizione di cornicioni

You only need to select a definition curve and a profile and the program generates the set of surfaces approximating the curved sections in the profile and in the leader with small flat surfaces. A definition curve is composed of a set of interconnected line and arc entities which can create an open or closed figure. A profile is also composed of connected lines and arcs which however always create a closed figure. The definition curve can also be indicated with points on the drawing equivalent to a set of lines with the convenience of directly selecting the correct coordinates to generate the eaves. A final method to determine a definition curve is that of selecting the external perimeter of a building. This makes it possible to apply eaves directly on the definition curve taken from the selected building.

Two aspects need to be made clear. The first regards the reference point of the profile which must coincide with the definition curve and the second regarding the direction the profile is applied on the leader.

The program requests to select the definition curve at a specific point called origin point and, for the profile, it requests to select the point on the profile which must correspond to the definition curve.

The Examples of profiles diagram shows the results of the command.

Command: GPROF

Select an entity of the definition curve, near the origin point:

Select the profile:

Specify the point that corresponds to the definition curve:

The GPROF command actually begins with a dialog box where you can choose how to define the curve and other attributes for generation of the eaves.

You can choose the Entities layer name and whether Creates an unique block for the entities or to individually generate all the surfaces. When there are no special requirements, we recommend creating a unique block in order to treat the eaves as one object to be able to move it etc. It is possible to move the path of the profile from the definition curve by a value equal to that assigned as Offset on the right and to assign a value for approximating the curved section of the definition curve. The approximation of the curved sections of the profile can be different since its value is set with the SCALEF command. The option Use vertical axis for the profile regards those situations in which the definition curve does not form a plane parallel with the XY plane. In this case, the three-dimensional development of the profile can be implemented still observing the vertical axis of the profile with respect to the ZWCAD reference system or not. An example shows this.


Finestra di dialogo comando GPROF